Surrender: A prayer of Swami Ramakrishna to the Mother


Swami Ramkrishna, the self realized teacher of Swami Vivekanand

I surrender, O Mother, all of myself at your feet,
May in my heart eternally play your remembrance sweet.
I crave not for indulgences, nor fame, nor accomplishments
I pray only that my heart flow incessantly in your love .
May a renewed, greedless, untainted, pure love kindle,
O Mother of the Universe! Let my heart just chant in that love.

I have witnessed the illusion of this dazzling golden world,
O! please be watchful that this ignorant child of yours does not lose its way.
That he doesn’t forget you! O Mother, guard him closely
May no lust and greed, ever poison him as he lives on.
He knows not that without you, there is no support
You alone are the Mother, make me fearless with your gentle watch.

I know not how to chant your pure and sweet name,
I Have neither devotion nor intellect to guide me to your Lotus feet!
Nor do I possess a deep, true love that fills all of my being,
An incomplete me, is lost in playing to some random tunes.
Embrace me now, with your heart-filling love
In the radiance of your grace, may endless blessings flow!

Translated from Bengali to Gujarati by Sri.Makrand Dave, a poet seer
Translated from Gujarati to English by Namyata Pathak-Gandhi, an amateur

(PS. The path of Surrender forms the backbone of many Eastern philosophies. Reminds me of an anecdote: A man was traveling on a train and decided to carry his suitcase on the head. A fellow passenger asked him what he was upto. He said he was trying to reduce the burden on the train!

Surrender is an attitudinal choice which enables a happy and healthy life for some individuals.)


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