Minimize effects of wildfire pollution with Yoga – Ayurveda

It’s a heart-wrenching time with all the natural catastrophes and man made disasters we are witnessing. These times unite us too, so let the light and hope remain kindled!

For starters, let’s stay safe and keep our respiratory system proactively healthy. Here are some suggestions:

1. Unabashedly wear masks and distribute them to friends and family while outside.

2. Apply a mechanical oil barrier in the nasal and paranasal sinuses with a neutral oil like sesame/ avocado/olive, in that order of preference. The oil should be warm and enough to layer the nasal and large paranasal sinuses which bear the immediate impact of the particulate matter.(recommend 2-3 drops in each nostril). If you have access to an Ayurvedic oil – anu tailam, use that instead.

Two things will occur because of this:
a. Preliminary trapping of the particulate matter which can be removed as sputum before it goes in the deeper to the bronchi and deeper recesses of the lungs.
b. The immune/allergic response to the particulate matter can be reduced to decent extent.

3. For people prone to allergic reactions and mucosal senstiivity, please preventatively do a six minute respiration refining practice called the three step rhythmic breathing. It has allowed even hypersensitive asthmatics to survive in highly polluted cities like mumbai. It can be done by anyone and the benefits of the practice are beyond physical. If interested, you may learn more here.

4. Of course, use turmeric freely. Saute 3/4 tsp in 1/2 tsp ghee or olive oil, add 1/4 inch of lean ginger and boil in water. Squeeze half a lemon and gently sip. Repeat upto two to three times if symptomatic.

5. For all other mainstream care nuances, this article by the Children’s hospital summarizes them well. Reach out to your healthcare providers if any workup is needed.

If you need any other Ayurvedic support and herbal formulations, feel free to reach me, Dr.Namyata Pathak at drnamyata@ayurvedaacademy.com or call 1-888-275-9103 for an appointment at Fremont,CA or over a video consult. We are able to ship herbs from Mon-Friday. Stay well indoors or choose south from the bay during the weekend. Not as far as LA though!